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Monitor Price, Promotion, Product content and your products’ online Positioning all in one place

Brand View Price

Daily Prices and Promotions

Brand View Daily Price and Promotions seamlessly integrates daily data from online retailers, a wide array of bricks and mortar stores and your own data into one report – enabling you to review price across competitors based on today’s prices. Gain a clear understanding of overall price increases and decreases and which retailers, brands and SKUs have driven these changes.


Pricing History

Brand View Pricing History captures data every day, enabling you to review pricing trends over time. Discover how competitor prices have moved weekly and monthly, and review pricing and offers from a historical perspective. The data structure offers unlimited access to pricing history. Analysis at different levels of the hierarchy enables you to monitor price inflation and the impact of promotions.


Price Index

Brand View Price Index allows you to easily identify your price position versus competitors from a total business down to category level. Drilling down through the hierarchy shows where the variances occur and the extent to which your prices are off target.


Strategic Pricing

Brand View Strategic Pricing displays product assortment within a category across retailers. Items can be benchmarked at a specific retailer and compared to others to highlight significant price variation. Pricing ladders emphasise gaps and pave the way for price changes or new product development.


Email Alerts

Brand View provides automated email alerts to keep you instantly updated to when competitors have implemented price changes, launched new products, changed promotional strategies, or failed to retain product stock. Alerts can be emailed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to provide valuable insight and ensure you maintain a competitive edge.

Brand View Email Alerts

Price Manager

Brand View Price Manager enables retailers to define pricing rules versus key competitors across all channels of their business. Each product, both contextual and competitive, is checked in real-time and products that do not comply with pricing strategy rules will be flagged to the relevant Buyer to change price. After review, these price changes can be automatically delivered to internal pricing change systems.

BV Promotion

Promotional History

Brand View Promotional History enables retailers and manufacturers to evaluate levels of promotional support taking place in the market. Compare promotional trends at a brand, manufacturer or retailer level. Analyse levels of support provided by manufacturers with retailers and the promotional mix.


Promotional Scorecard

Brand View Retailer Promotional Scorecard makes comparing promotional support against competitors quick and simple. Immediately understand the percentage of the product range on promotion, the different mix of promotional types employed, and the depth of discount versus other retailers.


Promotional Calendar

Brand View Promotional Calendar allows you to view a history of promotions in a clear, easy-to-understand format to aid planning of future activity. See if your competitors have continually promoted at the same level of discount, or whether this has recently increased. Track when a retailer has promoted in the past and whether this has had any impact on your promotional uplift. Identify when to best counter-promote your own products with year-on-year reporting.



Brand View Nutrition enables you to analyse and compare the per 100g/100ml nutritional content across multiple retailers, for both Own Label and Branded products. Quickly view the nutritional value of a product as a percentage of the daily recommended intake, based on standard guidelines. Identify any areas where action may be required, and use the data to inform the
NPD process.

Brand View Nutrition

“Brand View Compliance offers maximum flexibility, allowing the user to set up their own rules to monitor online product content. The data visualisation is extremely clear, making it easy to see which SKUs are the offenders and which specific areas need attention. Since it’s integrated with price and promotional analytics it’s very easy to gather a lot of information at once.”

BV Positioning


Brand View Compliance enables you to instantly review how your products are being communicated across retailers’ sites – audit the completeness, accuracy and presentation of your product information on any given day, or trended over time. Review the score of your products by store and identify why and how they are not complying.


Search Placement

Brand View Search Placement ranks your products against competitors for key search terms by category or online store. You can use the results to optimise your search ranking to improve product visibility, consideration and conversion.

Brand View Placement Report

Category Placement

Brand View Category Placement provides detailed analysis of your products’ online category shelf placement, against competitors, based on a retailer’s site structure and taxonomy. Use the results to optimise your online product placement, improve category performance, product visibility
and sales.

Reviews & Ratings

Brand View Reviews & Ratings enables you to analyse product reviews across multiple retailers regardless of the review and rating source. Evaluate reviews against equivalent competitor lines and identify inconsistencies across stores.


Promo Location

Brand View Promo Location makes it easy to track and identify online promotion locations across retailers’ websites. You can ensure that promotions are being executed as agreed with retail partners. Monitor adherence to agreed campaign duration, messaging, content and site location, as well as analysing competitors’ promotions.


Brand View Scorecard enables manufacturers to benchmark, report and effectively manage their online performance. The customised, KPI-led scorecards deliver targeted, actionable insights to Global Directors and regional Operational Teams for continually improved online performance.

Brand View OnSite 2

Brand View OnSite 2 is a browser extension that makes it easy for retailers and manufacturers to monitor and react to competitors’ pricing and promotion strategies. Review how your products’ pricing and promotion strategy compares against competing stores while browsing your own website or a competitor’s.


After a thorough procurement process, Brand View was chosen as our price and promotional analytics partner. Their data accuracy, quality control and reporting functionality capabilities have become an essential part of how we uphold our commitment to being Never Knowingly Undersold.”