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World Cup Fever Kicks Off

By admin

World Cup Fever has officially begun and with an estimated £271 million spent on Food, and 94 percent planning to watch the football at home (Source: Conlumino and Webloyalty), communication of promotions is key. Brand View investigates what products are being promoted online, how this is being communicated to the shopper and if football fever really does kick start the deeper discounts.

The major retailers in the UK are promoting the event on their websites with offers across categories to entice shoppers to join the carnival of summer football.

Sainsbury's Promo Mechanics for world Cup 2014

Under the banner of ‘Come Together for the football’, Sainsbury’s brings together food and non-food products on offer. Under the three sub categories of Watch, Get Involved and Play, Sainsbury’s are promoting across multiple categories including televisions, barbecues, merchandise and outdoor games. A ‘Football Carnival Combo‘ is advertised across Coke, Budweiser and Pizza Express providing a cross category promotion especially for the World Cup.

Asda Promo Mechanics for World Cup 2014

The Asda team are looking to inspire shoppers throughout the ‘carnival of summer football’ using the passionate strapline ‘Love the Game’. Asda outline Food & Drink for the big game, followed by football merchandise and television offers. A different approach of ‘Break Away or big match BBQ’ advertises experiencing Brazil itself by booking a holiday through Asda Travel.

Tesco Promotional Mechanics

Tesco are capturing football carnival fever by advertising half time refreshments across several categories with highlighted deals on beers, pizza, crisps and barbecue meats. Tesco Direct provides ‘everything you need so you don’t miss a kick’ with promotions on televisions, barbecues and even Home Brewing Kits to make the party at home that much extra special.

Argos Promo Mechanics for World Cup 2014

Using a more enthusiastic tone, Argos ‘Go Brazil Nuts’ and celebrate a festival of football encouraging shoppers to get kitted out by considering an array of deals on technology.

Morrisons Promo Mechanics for World cUP 2014

Morrisons are offering a World Cup meal deal that includes a selection of Own Label products with the addition of a Pepsi bottle to help create the perfect barbecue party and the ‘Keepy Uppy’ challenge on their website is a game to get you started in the carnival spirit.

Waitrose Promotional Mechanics

Waitrose focus on Cricket and ‘Summer of Sport’ rather than becoming involved in the fever of the World Cup.

Promotional Mechanics 2013 v 2014

In the Beer, Lager and Cider category, this year has seen the introduction of larger multibuy offers, such as Buy 3 or 4 for Discount.

Promotions by Retailers

Amongst the Top 5, all retailers have increased the number of products on multibuy compared to same period last year.

Crisps Promotion Strategy during World Cup 2014

Snacks are an essential party food for the World Cup Fever and looking specifically at Crisps, Tesco and Asda have reduced their range on promotion from last year. Whereas Waitrose have increased their range on promotion implementing more multibuy deals. Morrisons and Sainsbury’s have also increased their range on multibuy promotions, which is line with the World Cup carnival theme groups of people ‘coming together’ to watch the event.

Average Depth of Cut (Percentage) Across Electronics

An estimated £359 million is to be spent on electronics over the World Cup (Source: Conlumino and Webloyalty) and televisions in particular are highlighted on deal across the retailers. Currys and John Lewis were offering the biggest depth of cut in the run up to the World Cup. Currys and PC World were also offering Cash for Goals, with the choice between £10 off for every England goal, or £5 for every Brazil goal, with 64 percent backing Brazil (source: http://www.pcr-online.biz/news/read/currys-pc-world-tv-sales-double-ahead-of-world-cup/034106)

According to BBC News, more than 15 million people in the UK tuned into watch England’s opening World Cup game versus Italy on BBC One. FIFA is expecting the World Cup to be the most watched TV event ever exceeding the 3.2 billion pairs of eyes that watch the tournament in 2010.

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