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Which day of the week do retailers in Ireland implement price changes?

By Chris Elliott

Many differences exist in when retailers make their price changes, even among the more price-dynamic shops like Amazon.

Brand View has reviewed the grocery category as a whole for Tesco Ireland and SuperValu across six weeks starting 19 January 2015.

Tesco Ireland make the majority of its price changes midweek, peaking on Wednesday. ThIs is similar to the behaviour of Tesco UK which also makes its price changes midweek, also peaking on Wednesday.

SuperValu make the majority of its price changes on Friday with a significant amount on Thursday. The retailer changed the price of just 28 products on a Tuesday in the six weeks analysed.

image02Splitting the grocery category into Ambient, Chilled and Frozen, it is clear that SuperValu does not dedicate specific days for each sub-category; instead it applies price changes on a Thursday and Friday across all categories.

Tesco makes the majority of its Ambient sub-category price changes on a Tuesday and Wednesday, with significantly less as the week progresses. Comparably, the retailer changes the price of its Chilled products mainly on a Thursday. Tesco’s Frozen products change price most often on the first three days of the week, with Wednesday as a peak.

image01Reviewing the Health & Beauty category as a whole, we see that Boots has significantly more price changes than the other retailers; this could be attributed to the fact it has a greater range.

Boots make the majority of its price changes on a Wednesday. As with grocery, SuperValu choose to make its price changes predominantly on Friday. Tesco also makes its Health & Beauty prices changes at a similar time to its Grocery operation, focusing on the start of the week and making relatively few price changes on a Friday and over the weekend.

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