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Were Sunseekers Burnt by Summer Promotions?

By admin

Now that autumn is drawing in and we look back longingly on our summer holidays, Brand View takes a look into the promotions offered on sun protection to UK holidaymakers.

Generally speaking there are two types of holiday shoppers: the organised and the last minute ‘panic buyers’ who find themselves rushing to buy holiday essentials days, or hours, before their holiday. The single item that is absolutely guaranteed to be in a holiday basket is sun protection.

Taking a look at the summer period, May-August 2013, it’s noticeable that in comparison to the summer of 2012, supermarkets have been offering fewer promotions despite an increase in products across the sun protection category.


Which of the Supermarkets is Driving the Downward Trend?

Whilst Tesco has nearly doubled its number of promotions in 2013 compared to the previous summer, it seems Sainsbury’s decreased its number of promotions down from 496 to 160. Asda remained steady, slightly increasing its number of promotions to a total of 133 from 115.

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Summer Products Promotional Strategies

Although there were fewer promotions, have retailers been using the same promotional mechanics?

In 2012, price reduction mechanics accounted for 60 per cent of total sun protection promotions, with the outstanding 40 per cent as multibuy offers.

The summer of 2013 experienced a smaller proportion of multibuy promotions – 24 per cent – as UK supermarkets moved towards more price reductions.

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The overall level of deal that holiday shoppers received has also fallen since 2012.

Most noticeably, Sainsbury’s depth of cut fell more then the other retailers, especially in comparison to Asda who, despite having the lowest depth of cut, increased its level of offering during summer 2013.

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Many customers, however, may prefer having a wider choice of price reduction promotions as opposed to multibuys – rather than buying three sun lotions to qualify for a promotion, holiday makers only needed to purchase a single item to receive a discount. With the average suitcase already tipping over the maximum weight allowance, this might not be such a bad thing.

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