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Was Cyber Monday sales bigger than Black Friday sales?

By admin

An estimated £720 million was spent on Cyber Monday 2014, £90 million less than the £810 million spent on Black Friday. John Lewis announced that Black Friday helped break its all-time weekly sales record taking in £179 million topping the £164.4 million taken the week before Christmas 2013. However John Lewis operations director Dino Rocos described Cyber Monday sales as ‘not really a number at all’.

On Cyber Monday, John Lewis had 32.4 percent fewer lines on promotion than on Black Friday. Argos and Tesco Direct also slightly reduced the amount of promotions they ran. Currys were the only retailer to increase the number of products on promotion by 2.5 percent. Halfords maintained the same number of promotions that it had on Black Friday.

Changes in number of promotions between Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Argos, Currys and Tesco Direct’s average depth of cut did not move significantly from Black Friday. John Lewis’s average depth of cut reduced slightly by 0.2 percent to 19.9 percent. Although Halfords did not change the number of promotions they ran, the average depth of cut increased from 20.4 percent to 21.6 percent – this is predominantly due to the retailer increasing the saving on a number of promotions on the children’s luggage and car radios.

The most popular promotional mechanic on Cyber Monday was the save amount. In fact Halfords and Tesco only ran save amount promotions. Of the total number of promotions run by Argos and Currys the majority were a save amount – 59.2 and 61.4 percent respectively. John Lewis is the exception, as the retailer only ran 26.6 percent of promotions as a save amount, with 36.2 percent of its promotions were predominantly being a mixture of price matches, free guarantees or free products when the shopper purchased the item.  John Lewis and Currys were the only retailers to offer cashback promotions, and John Lewis also offered web only promotions which no other retailer did.

Promotional Mechanic by retailer

Tablets were the most purchased items over the Black Friday weekend and on Cyber Monday – John Lewis reported it sold a tablet every second on Black Friday. IBM estimates that 43 percent of online sales on Black Friday were made from a mobile device.

Argos had 93.3 percent of its tablet range on promotion on Cyber Monday and offered the greatest average depth of cut with 21.5 percent. Conversely, Tesco Direct offered the least number of promotions with only 21.1 percent of its tablets on promotion. Currys had 76.7 percent of its tablet range on a price reduction promotion – the largest proportion of the four retailers under comparison.

Cyber Monday Discounts Overview

Currys had the greatest proportion of its television range on promotion on Cyber Monday with 85.5 percent. Argos also promoted televisions heavily with 81.3 percent of its range on promotion. Argos also offered the greatest average depth of cut at 18.8 percent with Currys offering 18.5 percent.  John Lewis and Tesco had a significantly smaller average depth of cut with 13.1 and 11.8 percent respectively.

Unlike the tablets category Argos had the greatest percentage of its range on price reduction promotions at 80.0 percent. Currys had 74.6 percent of its television range on a price reduction with the remaining 11.2 percent as other promotions, such as free five year guarantees and free Sky Sports passes.

Percentage of televisions promoted on Cyber Monday

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