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The Proliferation of Freefrom Products

By admin

Sainsbury’s has reported strong demand for Freefrom foods in the run-up to Christmas. This growth has been attributed to the increasing number of consumers being diagnosed with food allergies and those making lifestyle choices to avoid gluten, dairy or wheat in their diets. Brand View has looked at the proliferation of Freefrom labelled food and the promotional strategies being used in the major supermarkets.

Tesco and Sainsbury’s lead in the number of Freefrom products throughout their stores.


The number of products available has risen by almost three times over the past five years. Sainsbury’s has maintained a steady range of around 80 Freefrom SKUs since the beginning of 2010.


Cakes, Cookies and Wrapped Bakery products are the largest Freefrom categories.


Sainsbury’s has run the greatest number of promotions with Buy 2 for being the most popular mechanic during the period 26 Sept to 19 Dec 2013.


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