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Own Label Retailer Share of Range

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Brand View enables retailers and suppliers to build a unique relationship in managing your prices and promotions. Our tracking and analysis offers timely, accurate data via automated, visual reporting that is easy to use and quick to interpret.

Brand View has recently conducted an analysis looking at the proportion of lines which are Own Label split by retailer and category area.

Share of Range by Category Area

The table below details the percentage of products which are Own Label, broken out by retailer and details where the percentage has gone up or down year-on-year.


Own Label Range Mix

In each of the individual categories the proportion of Own Label products was strikingly similar across all retailers. Based on the average of categories selected, Sainsbury’s had a slightly higher proportion of Own Label to that of its competitors with 24 per cent of lines being Own Label, versus 23 per cent in Tesco, and 22 per cent in Asda and Morrisons.


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