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How successful were promotions on TVs during the Rugby World Cup 2015?

By Chris Elliott

Prior to the Rugby World Cup kick off on the 18 September 2015, the tournament organisers forecast that the 446,000 fans would contribute £869 million to the UK economy during the event.

Despite an early exit for the Home Nations, retail sales volumes surged by 1.9 percent, higher than the 0.3 percent forecast by economists (Reuters).

Although food and beer brands were the main beneficiaries of this increased spend (with a 2.2 percent month-on-month rise in sales), many general merchandise (GM) manufacturers and retailers sought to capitalise on the Rugby mania with targeted promotions before and during the tournament.

Several UK GM retailers hoped to boost sales before the end of the tournament, on 31 October 2015, with numerous banner ads across their sites highlighting promotions on televisions.

richer sounds tv promotions
John Lewis website 23 October 2015
john lewis rugby world cup promotions
Richer Sounds website 20 October 2015


Average TV shelf price change

Brand View has indexed the average shelf price of televisions, from 1 August to 2 November 2015, in Argos, Currys, John Lewis, Richer Sounds and Tesco Direct.

The greatest average price change was in John Lewis – the price of televisions fell 21 percent between 1 August and 2 November 2015. The retailer saw its largest drop in average shelf price on 31 October 2015, dropping 4.9 percent overnight. Richer Sounds launched its Autumn sale on 31 October with discounts on over 70 televisions – John Lewis had to match these discounts as part of its “never knowingly undersold” price match promise.

Richer Sounds decreased the average price of its televisions by 19.2 percent from 1 August to 2 November. It focused the promotions on premium 4K televisions, as did Currys and John Lewis.

Tesco Direct had the lowest average decrease in price with 7.5 percent. The retailer’s average shelf price dropped in line with the other retailers until the beginning of September when its average shelf price started to rise, peaking just before the start of the World Cup. The price increases were largely on LG, Samsung and Technika products.

average shelf price tv

Most promoted TV brands

Since 1 August 2015, Sony televisions have been the most heavily promoted, with an average price drop of 20.9 percent across the retailers reviewed.

The high average price decrease was influenced by discounts from Currys, John Lewis and Richer Sounds on high priced mid-range and premium Sony televisions. Promotions of Panasonic Viera and Samsung products were also focused on premium models, whereas lower cost mid-range LG and Philips sets were more commonly promoted.

Toshiba television prices dropped by just 7.6 percent in the period analysed. During this time 61.9 percent of Toshiba television listings were 32 inches or less, however, just 28.2 percent of all retailer promotions were on televisions of this size. Retailers’ promotional focus on larger sets led to Toshiba’s average shelf price not falling as much as other brands.

tv shelf price change

Television category online compliance

According to research from Shop Direct, shoppers often cannot find the product they’re searching for and would buy much more if they had access to detailed, correct and consistent product data.

The need for this detailed product information is particularly prevalent for high cost, low frequency technology purchases, such as televisions. Shoppers need to be able to easily and quickly identify the exact specifications of the product to inform their purchase – accurate, high quality images, product names and complete product descriptions are a must.

To maximise shopper consideration in Currys, Panasonic Viera should look to improve the product content for five listings which contained just one product image. It was possible to include at least five images on a listing on the Currys website, as Panasonic Viera did with 16 of its television products.

panasonic viera
Currys website 30 October 2015


There was also just one product image included in the listing of the Panasonic TX-55C320B 55 Inch television on the Argos and John Lewis websites. LG also had product listings with just one accompanying image – for example, the LG 22MT47D-PZ 22 Inch LED TV and the LG 28MT47D-PZ 28 Inch LED TV on the Argos website.

Similarly, Samsung and Sony should review the consistency of their product listings on the Richer Sounds website. Some 13 and 29 listings respectively had just one product image and no product videos. All of these listings were promoted with free soundbars – the listings of the same televisions without the free soundbar had more than one product image.

sony bravia
Richer Sounds website 30 October 2015


Sony was missing an accurate product description for its KDL55W755CBU 55 Inch Smart television on the Tesco Direct website – the description was just nine words long and clumsily described Android TV functionality and full product features.

sony tv
Tesco Direct website 30 October 2015


Adding more accurate and complete product information, regarding the functionality and specifications of the product would improve shopper consideration for Sony and in turn boost sales.

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