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How heavily were boxed chocolate and wine promoted for Mother’s Day?

By Chris Elliott

Brand View previously reported on the promotional activity of the fragrance category on Mother’s Day, 15 March 2015 – When did retailers start their Mother’s Day promotions?

We highlighted that The Co-operative Group predicted that the average Mother’s Day spend would be £46. With the average fragrance price found to be £36, we’ve taken a look at the consumable goods that shoppers may have purchased to bump up the amount spent.

Brand View has reviewed the promotional activity in Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose prior to Mother’s Day, for the boxed chocolate and wine.

Percentage of boxed chocolate range on promotion

Waitrose were the only retailer to not significantly increase the percentage of its range on promotion in the run up to Mother’s Day.

Sainsbury’s and Morrisons increased the percentage of products on promotion on 3 March. Sainsburys increased its percentage of boxed chocolates on promotion to 44.2 percent from 16.9 percent and Morrisons extended its range on promotion from 21.6 percent to 29.4 percent.

The percentage of range on promotion at Tesco peaked on 13 March at 57.6 percent. Asda started its promotional activity on the same day as Tesco increasing the percentage it had on promotion from 21.9 percent to 31.5 percent.

Both Sainsbury’s and Morrisons reduced the number of products that they had on promotion on Mother’s Day so any late shoppers had to pay a premium.

choc and wine

Average depth of cut

Looking at the average depth of cut confirms that Waitrose did little promotionally on boxed chocolates for Mother’s Day, maintaining an average depth of cut of 27 percent for the 22 days before.

Sainsbury’s and Morrisons increased the average depth of cut on 3 March rising by 4.1 percent and 4.8 percent respectively. Tesco also followed suit on 5 March increasing its average depth of cut by 6 percent to 29.5 percent.

Asda decreased its average depth of cut by 4.9 percent on 5 March, the same day it started its Mother’s Day promotional activity.

Once Tesco had removed its Mother’s Day promotions on 16 March its average depth of cut increased to 34.1 percent due to the deep promotions it had left on own label, Lees and Guylian products.

Sainsbury’s and Morrisons started their promotions twelve days before Mother’s Day, while Asda and Tesco started ten days before and Waitrose had no significant change in promotional activity.

depth cut choc

In previous years retailers have had longer promotional cycles for Mother’s Day, due to Mother’s Day falling later in the calendar year than in 2015. In 2016 Mother’s Day falls on 6 March, the earliest date in eight years; if retailers continue their previous promotional behaviour we expect them to use short promotion cycles starting at the end of February.

Mother’s day promotions in the wine category

Waitrose reported a 57 percent year-on-year increase in sales of sparkling wine, for the week starting 7 March (The Grocer).

Morrisons advertised the better than half price offer it had on Hardys White and Red wine on its website.

morrisons wine promo

Waitrose did not significantly increase its promotional activity in the wine category, mirroring its promotional behaviour for boxed chocolate.

Asda increased the percent of its wine range on promotion on 4 March, the earliest of the five retailers. Tesco increased the percentage of its wine range on promotion to 24.6 percent on 13 March.

percentage wine promo

Average depth of cut in the wine category

After Valentine’s Day promotions ended around 18 February no retailer significantly changed their average depth of cut prior to Mother’s Day.

On Mother’s Day shoppers at Morrisons will have seen a lower average depth of cut than any day in the month previous. This is due to Morrisons ending 34 wine promotions; the majority of these were save a third promotions, therefore dropping the average depth of cut.

depth of cut wine

Average depth of cut of different wine varieties

The review of the average depth of cut of the wine varieties in the five retailers shows that champagne and sparkling rose were the most heavily promoted. The average depth of cut of champagne and sparkling rose peaked on Mother’s Day compared to the week previous. However, the average depth of cut had been 1.8 percent higher between 19 February and 8 March than it was on Mother’s Day.

The greatest average depth of cut of sparkling white wine was in the days prior to Valentine’s Day, following this it dropped to an average of 29 percent before dropping again on 9 March to 26.8 percent.

depth cut wine varieties

The boxed chocolate category was more heavily promoted by retailers than the wine category in the run up to Mother’s Day. All retailers, except Waitrose,  increased the percentage of their boxed chocolate range on promotion in the week before Mother’s Day, although the promotional mechanics varied across each retailer. We observed that Morrisons and Sainsbury’s both reduced the percentage range on promotion on Mother’s Day – attracting last minute shopper purchases on the day.

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