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How did retailers promote televisions prior to UEFA Euro 2016?

By Chris Elliott

UEFA’s Euro 2016 opening games were forecast to draw an average television audience of 130 million per game, surpassing the Super Bowl 50’s viewing figures by 20 million. Guy-Laurent Epstein, UEFA’s Marketing Director predicts that this audience will grow to 300 million for the final on 10 July.

England’s first game of the tournament saw a peak of 14.1 million viewers, the largest TV audience of any program this year, overtaking the previous peak viewing figures for an episode of Britain’s Got Talent (aired on 16 April) by 21.6 percent (Radio Times).

Anticipating an increase in television sales ahead of the tournament, retailers started to prominently promote televisions on their websites via football-themed website banners.


richer sounds television promotions uefa euro 2016
Richer Sounds website 14 June 2016


When did retailers start their Euro 2016 television promotions?

Brand View has reviewed the promotional activity in the Televisions category in Argos, Co-operative Electrical, Currys, Richer Sounds and Very in the two months between 11 April 2016 and 13 June 2016.

Argos and Currys appeared to be the first retailers to start promoting televisions ahead of Euro 2016. There was a significant uplift in the percentage of the range on promotion on both sites between 27 and 29 April. However, Currys saw the greatest increase with a 12.8 percent rise in its percentage of range on promotion between those two days.

Co-operative Electrical and Very had a greater average percentage of range on promotion than the remaining three retailers. Instead of an overnight increase in promotions, Very opted to steadily increase the percentage of its range on promotion from 74.2 percent on 11 April, to 88.1 percent on 13 June.

Richer Sounds had the lowest average percentage of its range on promotion at 24.3 percent across the period. The retailer appeared to launch its Euro 2016 promotions on 26 May with a 9.8 percent increase in its percentage of range on promotion overnight.

percentage of tvs on promotions uefa euro 2016


Which brand was promoted the most?

Brand View has analysed the promotions of six popular television brands in the two weeks prior to the start of Euro 2016 when promotional activity was at its peak.

Hisense, an official sponsor of Euro 2016, had the second greatest average depth of cut in the two weeks prior to the tournament at 18.6 percent, some 1.3 percent lower than Samsung. The remaining four brands had greater discount promotions than Hisense, however its fewer low discount promotions led to its second greatest average depth of cut overall.

Philips had the lowest average depth of cut as there were a number of low discount promotions, across all retailers, that offset its higher discount promotions.

In the two weeks prior to the start of the tournament, 66.3 percent of LG’s range was on promotion at some point, this was 4.3 percent more than nearest rival Panasonic Viera. In spite of having the second highest average depth of cut, Hisense had the lowest percentage of its range on promotion with 52.9 percent.

promotional activity of key television brands uefa euro 2016


Which televisions did retailers focus their promotions on?

On the first day of the tournament, 10 June 2016, Currys and Richer Sounds appeared to focus promotions on larger, more premium televisions than their rivals.

Some 36.6 percent of the televisions that Currys promoted on 10 June had a shelf price of £1000 or more and Richer Sounds had a similar percentage with 34.8 percent. Both Currys and Richer Sounds both had significantly higher proportions of promotions on televisions with a screen size larger than 55 inches, compared to their rivals, hence a greater percentage of promoted products were in this higher price bracket.

As well as promoting premium, large screen TVs, Currys also had the greatest proportion of promotions on televisions costing less than £199.99 – Currys had the greatest proportion of promotions of the retailers in the 19in to 27in, and 28in to 36in, screen size bands.

Argos and Co-operative Electrical focused their promotions on televisions between £200 and £399.99. Very promoted similarly, but also had a significant number of promotions on televisions ranging between £600 and £799.99.

percentage of promoted product by shelf price band television uefa euro 2016


How heavily were 4K televisions promoted?

The price of 4K televisions has fallen significantly over the last two years making them more affordable to a greater proportion of shoppers. Some analysts have speculated that this fall in price will lead to retailers promoting 4K televisions rather than 1080p and 720p models.

Brand View has reviewed the number of 4K television promotions, compared to other resolutions, on the first day of the Euro 2016 tournament.

Co-operative Electrical, Currys and Richer Sounds all promoted more 4K televisions than any other resolution. Richer Sounds promoted 4K televisions the most, with 68.1 percent of its television promotions on this resolution.

Argos and Very instead focused promotions on 1080p televisions, with 51.6 and 52.3 percent of their promotions on TVs of this resolution.

percentage of televisions promoted by screen resolution uefa euro 2016


As anticipated,  retailers promoted televisions heavily prior to, and during, the Euro 2016 tournament. However, due to the varying focus of their promotions, shoppers during this time would have got significantly better deals in some retailers than others depending on the specification or price bracket of TVs they were looking to purchase. Argos and Very focused their promotional activity on low to mid-range televisions, with HD resolutions. Whereas, Currys and Richer Sounds promoted a significant proportion of larger televisions, costing over £1000 and with a 4K resolution.

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