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How did Cyber Monday promotions differ from Black Friday?

By Chris Elliott

Experian-IMRG predicted that Cyber Monday online sales would increase by 31 percent to £943 million, up from £720 million in 2014.

The spending predictions seemed feasible, when considered alongside initial Black Friday sales estimates that highlighted online spending grew by more than a third this year. Amazon reported sales of more than 7.4 million items on Black Friday in the UK, up from 5.5 million last year (The Guardian).

John Lewis reported that this Black Friday was its biggest ever day of trading – it said there had been a “different pattern of trade to last year”, with sales on Black Friday driven by online spending, but also a 9.3 percent sales increase witnessed on Saturday (The Guardian).

Last year Brand View revealed that John Lewis placed a greater focus on Black Friday than Cyber Monday, with 32.3 percent fewer promotions on the Monday.  This year the retailer appeared to follow this approach as it did not have a dedicated Cyber Monday banner on its website. Whereas, its rivals Argos, Currys and Tesco Direct continued their Black Friday weekend sales events.

john lewis cyber monday
John Lewis website 30 November 2015


Appliance promotions: Black Friday vs Cyber Monday

Brand View reviewed the change in the number of promotions in the Appliance and Technology categories between Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2015.

John Lewis reduced the number of products it had on promotion between Black Friday and Cyber Monday by 15.3 percent, a smaller decrease than last year.

Currys increased the number of its promotions by 3 percent, it was the only retailer to do so. Argos reduced the number of promotions it ran by 1.6 percent. It described the availability of its deals on its Black Friday weekend banner as “When they’re gone they’re gone”.

Appliances saw the greatest reduction in promotions in John Lewis. The Freezer category saw a 92.3 percent reduction in the number of promotions and the washer machines and washer dryer category saw a 33 percent reduction. The Fridges category had 33 promotions on Black Friday, but none on Cyber Monday.

cyber monday percentage change in promos

Laptops, tablet and TV promotions Black Friday vs Cyber Monday

Laptops, tablets and televisions were the most prominently promoted on Cyber Monday. Despite not promoting Cyber Monday, John Lewis increased the number of tablet promotions it had by 150 percent from Black Friday. The new tablet promotions were on the Apple iPad Air (1 and 2) and iPad Mini (versions 1-4), the majority of these promotions were matching the reductions that Currys made over the Black Friday weekend.

Currys increased the number of promotions it had on laptops and tablets, but slightly reduced the number of television promotions. Nine Black Friday promotions on Sony Bravia televisions ended, which led John Lewis’ total number of television promotions to decrease by 27.8 percent between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Argos and Tesco Direct maintained the same number of promotions on tablets and televisions between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

laptop tv and tablet cyber monday

Average depth of cut: Black Friday vs Cyber Monday

The introduction of new, greater discount promotions on the Apple iPad Air (1 and 2) and iPad Mini (versions 1-4) led to John Lewis average depth of cut dropping 10.1 percent between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Beyond this there were no significant changes to the depth of cut in the Laptop, Tablets and TV categories in any of the retailers.

The average depth of cut of tablets increased by 2 percent in Argos – a 5 percent off promotion on the Toshiba Satellite C70D-C-121 Laptop ended the day after Black Friday and the retailer introduced greater depth of cut promotions on three HP Pavilion laptops.

The average depth of cut of televisions in Tesco Direct increased just 0.04 percent. The LG 42LF580V 42 Inch LED television and Sharp LC49CFE5001K 49 Inch LED television both saw a reduction in depth of cut. The day after Black Friday the retailer reduced the base price of both products to the Black Friday promoted price. It then offered a further reduction on the new base price, which translated to a lower depth of cut, but meant that the products were £40 and £50 cheaper respectively than Black Friday.

average depth of cut promotions

Amazon’s Cyber Monday promotions

Amazon continued its Black Friday weekend promotion of its Fire TV Stick, Fire tablet and Kindle Paperwhite. It also offered a range of promotions on branded items in its ‘Deals of the Day’.

Brand View has analysed a sample selection of Amazon’s ‘Deals of the Day’ against its rivals Argos, Currys, John Lewis and Tesco Direct. Amazon was the sole cheapest retailer on four of the eight lines.

Amazon was the joint cheapest retailer on three products. Currys and John Lewis matched Amazon on the Nest Learning Thermostat at £149. Argos matched Amazon on the PlayStation 4 Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars Starter Pack at £25.99 and Amazon and Tesco Direct both charged £30 for Fifa 16 on the Xbox One.

Amazon was beaten on price on just one product, the PlayStation 4 1TB with Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection Bundle, which Tesco Direct priced at £279, 99p less than Amazon. However, the shopper would have to pay an additional £3 for standard delivery on the Tesco Direct website, whereas Amazon shipped the product for free.

cyber monday price and promotions
Brand View Daily Prices and Promotions 30 November 2015


This year many retailers have opted to promote across the full weekend, as opposed to two separate sales events Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Argos, Currys and Tesco Direct all used the same Black Friday website across the weekend, only adjusting the range of products displayed within the banner. Our review highlights that these retailers made few changes to the number of promotions across the weekend.

Given that Cyber Monday sales were expected to reach record levels this year, John Lewis may regret not continuing its sales event on Monday. It risked losing sales to its rivals who heavily promoted across the full weekend, despite its excellent sales on Black Friday.

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