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How accurate are Fiskars’ product listings in the UK and US?

By Chris Elliott

Brand View has reviewed the compliance of Fiskars product listings in a number of retailers in the UK and US.

Analysis of brand name compliance

In the UK, all Fiskars listings in Argos, B&Q, Homebase and Tesco Direct contained the brand name correctly referenced in the product name.

However, three listings on The Range site and one listing on the John Lewis site did not contain the brand name. It was missing on the listings of an art knife, ShapeCutter Plus and ShapeCutter Plus starter set on The Range site. This meant when a shopper searched for “Fiskars”, these products were not listed in the results.

art knife
The Range website 9 September 2015


Fiskars Classic Seam Ripper Scissors were missing the brand name in John Lewis, causing the product to return in last place when a shopper searched for “Fiskars”.

There were similar brand name compliance issues in the US, although all Fiskars listings in Best Buy, Home Depot and Lowe’s contained the brand name spelt correctly.

Some 16.9 percent of Fiskars listings in Target did not contain the brand name – all of these listings were arts and craft products.

arts products target
Target website 9 September 2015


Walmart also omitted the brand name from a number of Fiskars arts and crafts product listings.

fiskars arts walmart
Walmart website 9 September 2015


Analysis of Fiskars product name compliance

Brand View identified inconsistencies in the product name representation for the Fiskars X series Axe range.

UK retailers Axminster, Homebase, Tesco Direct and Wickes all included the model number (e.g. X10, X15 etc) in the product name. However, Argos did not include the model number in the product name or product description of these listings. B&Q only listed one Fiskars Axe, the X10, and also did not reference the model number in the product name.

Argos and B&Q website 9 September 2015


All Fiskars X series Axe listings were listed correctly in the US, with Home Depot and Walmart both including the model number and weight in the product names.

It was not only Fiskars axe products affected by incorrect naming. B&Q listed two Fiskars Bypass Pruners – however, the second product listed should have been named “Fiskars SmartFit Bypass Pruner” according to the Fiskars website.

fiskars pruners
B&Q website 10 September 2015


We also found that Home Depot inconsistently represented Fiskars’ Hedge Shears. The majority of its Hedge Shear listings contained the blade length in the product name, except one, the PowerGear titanium Hedge Shears, which contained the full product length instead. This should be amended to avoid misleading or confusing potential shoppers.

home depot fiskars
Home Depot website 10 September 2015


Analysis of Fiskars’ product descriptions in the UK

The product descriptions of Fiskars products varied from retailer to retailer and in some cases critical product information was missing from listings.

According to the Fiskars website, the unique PowerGear Hedge Shears (HS72) mechanism makes hedge cutting three times easier. B&Q included this key information in the product description for the product, however Homebase did not – the omission of this differentiating factor could be potentially damaging to shopper consideration and lead to fewer sales.

homebase fiskars detail
Homebase website 10 September 2015
b&Q fiskars listings
B&Q website 10 September 2015


A similar issue was identified for the Fiskars Weed Puller (W52) in Homebase. It failed to include the information that the product prevents muscle strain and backache, as mentioned in the B&Q product description.

weed puller homebase
Homebase website 10 September 2015


The Fiskars product descriptions on the Homebase site were less detailed than the descriptions on other retailers’ sites such as Argos, even though both retailers are owned by the same parent company, Home Retail Group. Optimising the information included in the product descriptions across retailers would increase the likelihood of shopper consideration and further sales of these products.

Analysis of Fiskars’ product descriptions in the US

Target replicated the full product features list from the Fiskars website in its listings. However, if these key features were mentioned in the product details summary, the retailer omitted these from the full product features list, which was potentially confusing to shoppers.

Similar issues were identified on the Home Depot site – the product details summary was displayed, but not all the product features were included in the product features list. For example, of the 11 features of the StaySharp Max Reel Mower, Home Depot displayed just five. Additionally, the listing did not include the fact that this product received the Popular Mechanics 2010 Green Design Award.

Lowe’s product description of the Fiskars Triple-Claw Weeder omitted the fact that the product prevents muscle strain and backache. The retailer included the six items from the features list from the Fiskars website, but did not include the paragraph of product details, whereas other US retailers, such as Target, included both.

lowe's fiskars description
Lowe’s website 10 September 2015


In order to provide shoppers with all relevant information, Fiskars could work with both Homebase in the UK, and Home Depot and Lowe’s in the US, to ensure key information is included in its product listings.

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