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General Merchandise – TV Pricing Analysis

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Brand View Insights provide analysis on the impact of key market changes to price and promotion trends for your category, your customers and your competitors. This analysis takes a closer look at the price changes to TVs over the product’s lifecycle.

How does the pricing of TVs change during their life cycle?

Brand View now tracks the pricing of General Merchandise and Consumer Durables across all major retailers – including both on and offline vendors and multiples – reviewing pricing trends over a product’s life cycle.

Our online analytics software covers the widest coverage of General Merchandise retailers in the UK including, Amazon, John Lewis Electrical, Currys, Comet, Co-op Electrical, Pets at Home, Sainsbury’s (non-food), Tesco Direct, Asda Direct, Blacks, Toys ‘R’ Us, Mothercare, Halfords, Robert Dyas and many more.

To showcase the new General Merchandise service, Brand View has tracked the pricing life cycle of over 200 televisions in a leading general merchandise retailer. Results are based on pricing history over the last two years.

So how much less does a shopper pay for a TV if they buy it three months after launch as opposed to the day it’s launched?


Based on TV pricing (time aligned from launch) and includes promotions

• Shoppers will pay 1 per cent less when buying a TV four weeks after launch.
• If a shopper waits three months (12 weeks) after launch they will pay around 4 per cent less.
• Brand View has highlighted a significant drop in price on TVs after 24 weeks, meaning shoppers pay around 17 per cent less.

After six months (24 weeks) the range of TVs in stock drops significantly. Prices frequently decrease at this time and ranges are delisted as new models are introduced into the market and the existing range is sold off.

Timings after which TVs are delisted

Brand View has revealed a number of items that have a very short life in-store, with 19 per cent of products in our analysis being delisted in the first five weeks. These tend to be smaller, less-significant brands where retailers buy bulk orders.

The average life cycle of TVs manufactured by household brands is significantly longer – e.g. Samsung TVs have a typical life cycle of around 21 weeks and LG 22 weeks.


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