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EU ends High Wattage Vacuum Cleaners

By admin

Consumers are expected to snap up the last of the most powerful vacuum cleaners on the market as a new law banning those rated above 1,600 watts comes into effect.

The new EU Commission Directive 2012/27/EU on energy efficiency means manufacturers will not be able to make or import vacuum cleaners with a motor that exceeds 1,600 watts from 1 September 2014.

Through Brand View’s Product Attribution we can analyse each vacuum cleaner by its motor wattage and track price and promotional trends.

Which brands are most heavily affected by the change?

Hoover is most affected by the change in regulation with 35 different models in the market which have motors over 1,600 watt. Hoover’s current range includes models with motors utilising 2,300 watts of power.

Range of Vacuum Cleaners with Motors over 1,600 Watts

How has the range changed?

The number of models above 1,600 watts has decreased over this year with 207 products in the market (this analysis is based on datapoints across 10 different retailers), now down to 141.

We have actually seen a small increase in the number in the market in recent weeks with retailers seeking to sell off old stock which was previously delisted earlier in the year.

Total Number of Models above 1,600 Watts (10 retailers)

Have recent changes resulted in differences in price and promotions?

The short answer is no. There has been a slight drop in the average price of 1600 watt or greater units driven by some moderate discounts.  Overall there has been little change in pricing or in promotions of 1600 watt units.

Number of Promotions across Vacuum Cleaners

Tracking activity over the last year of Vacuum Cleaners above 1600 watts has revealed little significant promotional increase recently, as can be seen from the Promotional History report below.

Promotional History Chart

We also haven’t seen any large change in models under 1600 watts. However, there is evidence of some promotions involving retailers, such as Very,  offering no interest deals if shoppers wish to buy three of the remaining products.

Can I still buy a greater than 1600 watt model?

While we have seen 38 instances of products going out of stock in the last two weeks each retailer still has these products available. Although there are a number of sources which highlight actually a higher wattage model doesn’t actually mean greater suction.

Wattage is an important consideration because motor power alone does not guarantee better suction: it depends on the overall design of the unit. Air watts are a better measure of suction than motor power. Air watts look at the actual performance of the vacuum, not just the motor power. A better measure of performance is one that gives an overall score for air watts and dust pick up.

How does Brand View capture this data?

Brand View’s comprehensive web scraping capabilities have the power to collect extensive product data from any online or multichannel retailer, in any country, updated every day. As well as prices and promotions, we also collect essential product attribute data such as dimensions, weight, features and safety information for use in the Brand View analytics.

Brand View’s Mapping Team code each product in Brand View with relevant product attributes enabling our clients to filter their reports to precise product groups. For example in Vacuum Cleaners Brand View attributes everything from Motor wattage to Weight and Cord Length.

In addition, Client Specific Attributes (CSAs) enables our users to create and manage unique custom attribution profiles for categories relevant to the client. CSAs can represent any conceivable segmentation of products, from provenance to occasions and anything in-between. It allows the client to segment the category to fit their business definitions.

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