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Easter Promotional Offers in Review 2013

By admin

This analysis takes a closer look at Easter 2013 promotional trends for confectionery items – a period which traditionally highlights substantial promotional activity in the chocolate category.
As you’d expect, 2013 was no exception.

Shift in Promotional Mechanics

In the lead up to Easter 2013 the total number of promotions run on Easter chocolate dropped by more than 25 per cent. Promotions in 2012 totalled 974, while this year’s total came in at 724.

In 2012 we began to see a trend developing of a shift from Multibuy offers towards Price Reduction. Interestingly, this year highlighted an almost level split between the two with 373 Multibuy offers and 351 Price Reduction promotions.

Easter Insights - shift in promotional mechanics | Brand View

Promotional Activity

With an early Easter this year promotions started closer to the holiday than in 2011 and 2012, featuring a short burst of activity two to three weeks before. The previous two years highlighted a sharp decline in the number of promotions, but 2013 featured very little drop off in promotional activity.

Easter 2013 - Promotional Activity | Brand View

Promotional Intensity

Overall, 2013 has seen a much lower average depth of cut than last year, falling from 37.8 per cent to 29.8 per cent. Interestingly, this year showed how similar the majority of manufacturers were in terms of their promotional strategies – both the depth of cut and number of days on promotion were strikingly alike.

The exception to this rule came from the luxury and own label chocolate manufacturers, whose tactics differed from previous years. Green and Blacks used shorter, deeper promotions, Thorntons moved to shorter spells of promotional activity while Kinnerton moved towards longer promotions.

Easter 2013 - Promotional Intensity | Brand View

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