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Breakdown of Health & Beauty

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Brand View Insights provides analysis on the impact of key market changes to price and promotion trends for your category, your customers and your competitors. This analysis takes a closer look at the increased prices and changes to promotional dynamics across the Health & Beauty sector.

Total Market vs. Health & Beauty

The Brand View Health & Beauty Index measures the shelf price of products in Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Boots and Superdrug. The analysis includes all items that have been stocked since April 2011 and which remain in stock today, to ensure an accurate measure of inflation.

The Health & Beauty category as a whole has shown relatively low levels of inflation, now tracking at 2 index points below the overall index.

Our most recent report takes a closer look at the price and promotional trends for the Health & Beauty category and some of the sub-categories that fall within it – Health & Vitamins, Pharmacy and OTC (over-the-counter).


Price changes by category

Compared to April 2011, Brand View data shows that prices in Health & Vitamins have risen at a rate of over 4 per cent, higher than the overall rate of inflation within the Health & Beauty category, but below general inflation.

OTC has shown a recent inflationary trend, rising 2 index points within the first quarter of 2013.


Percentage of products on promotion

The Brand View team looked at the proportion of the range within Tesco, Boots and Superdrug that have been on promotion at any time within the last 12 months, revealing a marked difference in promotional strategy.

Boots, with an on-going 3-for-2 promotion within the category, has the vast majority of lines in the range on promotion throughout the year. Tesco promotional strategy across OTC, Pharmacy and Health & Vitamins mirrors the general approach in grocery categories.


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