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Brand View’s Christmas Toy Tracker

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‘Christmas is the time of year that retailers look forward to and plan for all year long,’ said Jordan Weinstein, Managing Director, EMEA at ChannelAdvisor.

ChannelAdvisor, an ecommerce solutions provider, recently announced the Christmas results of its Multichannel E-Commerce Study. According to the study, 86 percent of surveyed retailers expect to increase their year-on-year online Christmas sales in 2014. The Multichannel E-Commerce Study surveyed more than 200 UK and US online retailers that averaged £1.8 to £3 million in annual revenue in 2013. The festive portion of the study identifies retailers’ expectations for the 2014 season and the strategies they’re using to maximise their Christmas sales.

‘Our survey,’ continued Mr Weinstein, ‘shows that retailers are planning to begin their promotions even earlier this year, with 62 percent having started their efforts by September. This highlights how critical it is for online retailers to prepare for Christmas early, allowing time to test and fine-tune their campaigns. At such a competitive time of year, it is those who prepare well in advance that have the advantage. Additionally, it seems that retailers are hoping to set themselves apart this year with their fulfilment strategies, with almost half of those surveyed planning to offer free delivery and returns in order to boost Christmas sales.’

Two key holiday findings from the Multichannel E-Commerce Study:

  • Retailers expect a successful Christmas season: More than a quarter of surveyed retailers (27 percent) expect an 11 to 15 percent increase in Christmas sales this year compared with 2013, and nearly half (46 percent) expect an increase between 1 and 10 percent. No retailers reported an expected decrease in festive sales this year.
  • Christmas promotions are starting early: Nearly half of surveyed retailers (42 percent) planned to begin their holiday push in September, and 20 percent planned to begin their promotions in August or sooner. Nearly a quarter (23 percent) of retailers planned to start their marketing push efforts earlier this year compared with previous years.

Brand View Christmas Toy Tracker

The countdown to Christmas has begun and toy manufacturers up and down the UK are hoping to get their share of the Christmas pudding. Every year, toy manufacturers battle it out to be the most wanted toy for Christmas, and Brand View are going to analyse how this affects the market.

Retail Week released the official Hamley’s Top Ten Toys for Christmas in June with toys ranging in price from £25 RRP (Play Doh, Doh Vinci) to £135 RRP (Leapfrog, Leapfrog TV). Over the next seven weeks, we will track the changing promotional and pricing strategies of these 10 toys across selected retailers*, to monitor the tactics used to get parents to take home their toy over the competition.

October 2014

Range of promotional mechanics across top ten toys

Since the beginning of October, the ‘Save Amount’ promotional mechanic has been the most popular among the toys, accounting for 78 percent of the promotions run in the selected retailers*. Hasbro, has so far, had the most promotions of the top ten toys.

Number of promotions across the top ten toy brands

However, it is Play Doh who has had the highest depth of cut among the top ten, despite being the cheapest toy in the chart (£25 RRP).

Depth of cut across top ten toy brands

As Christmas fast approaches we will see how the Brands vary their tactics to gain market share.

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*Selected retailers include: Argos, Toys ‘R’ Us, The Entertainer, Tesco Direct, Asda Direct, Very, Littlewoods, Harrods & Smyths Toys.

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