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Brand View Christmas Toy Tracker 2017: Hamleys top 10 Christmas toys

By Chris Elliott

With Christmas just over two months away, parents are starting to concentrate on what presents to buy for their children this year. According to a survey by Argos, 29 percent of parents had already started planning what to buy their children in the summer.

Hamleys continued its tradition of releasing its top 10 toys for Christmas in early October. This year’s ‘top 10’ contains products from LEGO and Nerf, as it did in 2016. This year’s list also includes the Hatchimals Surprise Egg, last year’s Hamleys list did not include any Hatchimals products, but the Toy Retailers Association’s (TRA) 2016 list did.

Shelf price tracking

Brand View will be tracking the pricing and promotion of the Hamleys top 10 toys over the next two months. We have looked at the shelf pricing of these products across eight major retailers on 17 October 2017.

Amazon – leading with lowest prices

Amazon had more sole or joint lowest prices than any other retailer analysed. Of the eight products it stocked, it had the joint lowest price on two products (Fisher Price Dance and Move BeatBo and Nerf Nitro Longshot Smash) and sole lowest price on three (Get a Grip game, Hatchimals Surprise Egg and LEGO BB-8).

Smyths Toys came a close second with the joint lowest price on the Fisher-Price Dance and Move BeatBo. Amazon boasted the sole lowest price on the Power Rangers Interactive Megazord, Barbie DreamHorse set and furReal Roarin’ Tyler The Playful Tiger.

Tesco Direct had the sole highest price on five of the eight products it listed. However, some of these products were available cheaper through a third party seller on the site, such as The Entertainer.Hamleys basket

Brand View Daily Prices & Promotions 17 October 2017


Is imperfect product naming affecting product visibility?

The furReal Roarin’ Tyler The Playful Tiger on the Argos website had a question mark after the word ‘Roarin’ instead of an apostrophe. Argos appeared to have an issue with this as other furReal products, and lines from manufacturers such as LEGO, Little Tikes and Mamas and Papas also contained a question mark instead of an apostrophe. There were however plenty of instances of other products where the apostrophe had been appropriately included.

tyler tiger

Argos website 19 October 2017

To find this product a shopper might search using the full word ‘roaring’. On the Argos website, possibly due to the question mark, the product does not return for the phrase “Roaring Tyler”. Argos and, product manufacturer, Hasbro should look into this as it could be costing them both sales.

All the other retailers analysed spelt Roarin’ with an apostrophe and all returned the product when we searched for “Roaring Tyler”.

tiger results

Argos website 19 October 2017

The Toy Retailers Association (TRA) will release its top 12 toys for Christmas on 8 November 2017. Brand View will conduct a similar analysis on this basket and track it alongside the Hamleys basket. Look out for the next Christmas toy Insight in three weeks.

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