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Black Friday Fever Arrives in the UK

By admin

Black Friday Fever Arrives in the UK

December 2013

Black Friday – the Friday following Thanksgiving which heralds the start of the Christmas shopping season – has been popular with retailers and customers in the US since the 1970s, and until this year remained a stateside phenomenon.

This year however, some of the UK’s biggest retailers have seized the opportunity to market this event despite its US Thanksgiving roots, expanding the calendar of regular annual sales days traditionally held on bank holidays. 2013 has sparked an early Christmas rush as shoppers clamber for bargains.

Brand View has looked at Black Friday trends in two retailers: John Lewis’ Electrical departments and Boots, immediately before and after the event to understand the levels of discount and which products were on offer.


The Average Prices in John Lewis and Boots remained steady in the two weeks preceding Black Friday, and items on sale dropped in price on average by 20 per cent in John Lewis and almost 30 per cent in Boots.

John Lewis

Across John Lewis’ Technology and Appliances departments there have been approximately 7250 items for sale over the past few weeks. During the two weeks preceding Black Friday John Lewis lowered the price on an average of 74 products each day. On Black Friday itself (29 November 2013) 892 products went on sale with an average discount of 20 per cent, while 32 items offered 50 per cent or more which were mainly in the Small Kitchen Appliances category.

Of the 892 price cuts 602 were still the same price the next day, despite this being a one day only sale. 16 variants of the new Apple iPad Mini were slashed further in price, however half the range was out of stock by Saturday 30 November.


Boots promoted 149 product lines with an average of 30 per cent discount .The biggest discounts were on Digital Cameras, Shavers and bulk packs of Vitamins.

High value items such as the Panasonic Lumix Fs40 Compact Digital Camera had over 60 per cent of the price knocked-off (£129 to £49). The flash sale seems to have continued into the next day with most of the same products remaining on sale. The Philips Sensotouch 3D Wet And Dry Electric Shaver went from £199 to £149 on Black Friday and was cut a further £50 to £99 by Saturday.

To discover the impact of the new Black Friday phenomenon on other UK retailers, please contact your Brand View account manager today.

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