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Analysing the Changes in Coffee Prices

By admin

Brand View Insights reviews price and promotional trends taking place in different categories. This report provides a closer look at changes across the Coffee sector.

Market Trends and Coffee Prices

Brand View data shows that Coffee prices have been on the rise over recent months – with an increase by a much greater rate than that of other categories (including those of other Ambient categories).


These base price increases have been driven by a large number of different brands – including Mellow Birds, which has shown an overall price increase of up to 31% from the previous year.

Brands such as Nescafe, Douwe Egberts, Maxwell House and Café Direct have seen much less significant increases than Own Label brands.


Promotional Activity

Promotional offerings in the Coffee category have been on a steady increase since September 2011 – due to a peak in Multibuy promotions (taking place in September to November 2011 and occurred at a similar time in previous years), combined with continuous growth in Price Reduction Promotions, which have increased by 37% YTD 2012 compared to the previous year). This increase has come from more Save Percentage, Save a Third and Rollback activity.

Whilst the overall number of Price Reduction Promotions taking place in the market has increased, the level of discount offered has, in fact, decreased – down from 29% to 26% this year YTD.

Brand View has seen some of the smaller manufacturers increasing their spread of promotions in recent months; brands such as Taylors of Harrogate, Rombouts and Percol are doing significantly more promotions.


Promotional Intensity

Nescafe, Kenco and Carte Noire all offer a high level of discount when they have been promoted over the last 90 days; however, the length of promotions among these brands does vary with Nescafe favouring shorter promotions and Carte Noire offering their high discounts for a longer period of time. Douwe Egberts and Taylors of Harrogate also run longer promotions, but with a lower than average depth of cut.


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