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Multibuy Promotions Review on Health and Vitamins

By admin

The most popular mechanics in the Health and Vitamins category over the last 2 years have been Multibuy promotions. Despite Multibuys remaining the most prominent mechanics in the category, there has been a 40 per cent decrease in Multibuy offers used this year and a significant increase in Save Amount deals.

Primotional mechanics across the Health and Vitamins category

Multibuys represent the majority of promotions across the Health & Beauty retailers, appearing more often than Save Amounts. Lloydspharmacy is the only retailer to offer more Save Amounts than Multibuys.

Multibuy vs. save amount by retailer

The key Multibuy mechanic used in the Health and Vitamins category is Buy 3 get the Cheapest Free. Last year, 3 for 2 accounted for 86 percent of total promotions. This has declined to 56 per cent this year.

Number of 3 for 2 used in total promotions

When specifically looking at the 3 for 2 mechanic across the retailers, Boots account for 54 per cent of promotions. Superdrug only accounts for 6 per cent of 3 for 2 promotions as they focus on a Buy 1 get 2nd Half Price approach in the Vitamins category.

Number of 3 for 2 mechanic promotions by retailer

Overall 68 brands were promoted on 3 for 2 across the retailers. Own Label is heavily promoted on 3 for 2 across the retailers, accounting for nearly half of all promotions on this mechanic in the category. Vitabiotics is the second most popular brand on 3 for 2 at 12 per cent. In Boots alone, Own Label and Vitabiotics are the most popular brands promoted on this mechanic at 46 per cent and 14 per cent respectively.

Top 10 brands to use 2 for 2 mechanic

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