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The Grocer Price Index (GPI) is a grocery industry inflation tracker published monthly by The Grocer magazine. It tracks over 30,000 products from the top supermarkets, using prices set by the retailers including promotions. Inflation is tracked by retailer and by category. The GPI has a useful historical role, as the index goes back to July 2008, before the start of the impact of the financial crisis. It is a sophisticated inflation tracker using a chained methodology, which allows for changes in the items included in the tracker as products come and go in stores.

‘I believe GPI is different and important as it’s the only inflation tracker that tracks what most people would regard as their weekly or monthly supermarket shop. Other indexes follow parts of it (just food), or other elements that would be regarded as more occasional or different types of expenditure, e.g. furniture,’ says Kirsten Tisdale, Statistician at Aricia.

For further analysis on this month’s GPI, please visit The Grocer to read more. (Subscribers only).


“I find Brand View useful when interpreting category performance data from Nielsen – to understand what has happened to pricing.”

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