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Export Builder: Part 1 – Isolating the cheapest retailer per product

By Rob Nowell

Export Builder

Export Builder is a powerful and intuitive tool that provides access to brand new data streams and functionality to compare and correlate data sets in new ways.

This is part one of six in our new fortnightly blog series; covering how to make the most from the tool, with a focus on one feature in every post.


Upcoming topics:

  • Instantly identify which retailer is selling products the cheapest
  • Compare nutritional data with the price/promotions of products
  • Understand reviews over time
  • Unique insight on Amazon marketplace
  • Understanding pricing of products on promotion
  • Understanding total price including shipping


Instantly identify which retailer is selling products the cheapest

Looking to find the cheapest retailer for a specific product?

Export Builder allows you to quickly pull reports that highlight which retailer is selling the item cheapest and the corresponding price.



Quickly see which retailer is selling the product for the lowest price

  • Determine which retailer had the product listed for the lowest price with daily price update

Understand if the cheapest priced retailers have the items in stock

  • Daily stock updates allow you to check stock availability across the cheapest retailers

Recognize if promotions are driving retailers to be the cheapest

  • Analyze promotional activity to understand if promotional activity is driving this price, or whether it’s a result of low base price



– Export Builders simple UI allows you to filter relevant categories, brands, and retailers

– Simple drop-down menus allow you to add areas of interest (Category, brand name, etc.) to further refine results

– Toggle specific pricing data/criteria you want to see

– Easily export data lists to Excel for interrogation


Example layout showing price comparison across Amazon Small Kitchen Appliances. Diagram is purely illustrative.


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