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Brand View Scorecards: trended and summary data

By Dave Howard
  • Are you closer to reaching your ecommerce targets than yesterday, last week or last month?
  • Which region, retailer or brand should you be focusing on as a priority?
  • Is your brand portfolio collectively improving share of shelf?
  • Are fewer SKUs returning for a search term in a specific retailer?

Actionable insights: the missing link between data and business value.

Data, information and insights are not synonyms.

In a hierarchy pyramid, data is the foundation, information is in the middle and insights are at the pinnacle.

Actionable insights sit at the apex of the data pyramid.

An insight that drives action is typically more valuable than one that simply answers a question – especially an insight that makes you rethink something and pushes you in a new direction. They are the highly treasured output of all the work that goes into collecting, preparing and analysing your data. Maximising the actionable insights you receive from your analytics investments is important to your data-driven success.

Brand View Scorecards enable you to track and monitor customised targets individually tailored for your business. The personalised, KPI-led scorecards deliver targeted, actionable insights, including aggregated summary data and trended results to track performance over time.

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Review online product content accuracy, share of shelf, share of search, shopper engagement, and promotional locations, all dynamically updated, at a global, regional, retailer, brand and SKU level to answer the questions aligned to your ecommerce goals.

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