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Found Money: How brands can recoup a missed online opportunity

By Dave Howard

In pursuit of the “80/20 rule” – favor the 20 percent of retailers that generate 80 percent of the revenue – manufacturers are leaving an awful lot of money on the table.

TWICE, the leading B2B brand serving the Consumer Electronics retail and manufacturing industries in America, and Brand View, the leading global provider of price, promotion and online product positioning analytics, discuss how independent dealers deliver a relished customer base of brand-loyal and big-spending shoppers, but are too often overlooked by vendors.

Join Alan Wolf, Senior Editor, TWICE; Todd Scott, Global Advisory Board member, Brand View; Karen Pike, Global Ecommerce Product Manager, Brand View and a panel of industry experts, including Warren Chaiken, President/CEO of Almo Corp., the international CE and appliance distributor; Jeff Knock, Chief Commercial Officer for the Nationwide Marketing Group, the $15 billion merchandising collective for independent dealers; and Peter Weedfald, Sales and Marketing Senior VP for Sharp Electronics Marketing Corp. of America, for a complimentary webinar that will show how brands can efficiently leverage the small-retailer’s online channels…and the high-margin opportunities they offer.

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