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Brand View partner with SellNeeds to support the French retail market

By Dave Howard

Brand View, the leading global provider of price, promotion, product content and online product positioning analytics, announces partnership with SellNeeds, high-end, innovative and reliable digital solutions provider.

From today, SellNeeds, founded in September 2015, is the exclusive regional partner of Brand View in the French marketplace. SellNeeds will complement Brand View’s existing French team and support the rapid business growth in the region. The partnership will focus on introducing retailers and brands to Brand View’s extensive price, promotion and online product positioning analytics, used globally by the biggest names in retail.

SellNeeds Founders, Antony Rode and Ilan Meziere, formerly at WorkIT, have over a decade of experience in the retail, manufacturing and related software industries having previously worked at GfK, Pixmania and Ariba. This solid foundation means that SellNeeds can fully support brands and retailers with the implementation of Brand View’s market-leading products and analytics within their businesses.


Antony Rode, CEO, and Ilan Meziere, VP Sales

“Brand View is an exciting new strategic partnership for SellNeeds, increasing the company’s regional footprint and further strengthening our position as the trusted provider of digital solutions to the French retail industry”, said Antony Rode, Founder SellNeeds. “Through the additional provision of price and promotion data and analytics, SellNeeds we will help brands and retailers increase their sales targets, promotional planning and ecommerce performance.”

Bruce Dove, President, Brand View said, “SellNeeds is exceptionally placed to best support Brand View clients in France. Antony and Ilan lead a company whose combined experience and knowledge of the French marketplace, coupled with their rich network of industry contacts, will help Brand View continue to exceed our client’s expectations.”

About Brand View

Brand View is the leading global provider of price, promotion, product content and online product positioning analytics.

We enable our clients, retailers and suppliers, to measure and manage their price position and nutritional proposition, communicate this to shoppers, increase their digital presence and ecommerce performance.

Trusted by the biggest names in the industry, Brand View’s easy to use, powerful analytics give clients an unparalleled insight into the competitor landscape.

Seamless coverage of online and bricks and mortar stores – including European, North American, Chinese, South Korean, Australian and South American markets.

Easy integration of proprietary data facilitates the immediate benchmarking of value propositions, promotional strategies and online activity against competitors. Through instant, integrated insights, monitor price movements, promotions, product content changes, new product listings and ecommerce performance.

About SellNeeds

SellNeeds is a market-leading digital solutions provider, offering unmatched experience of both the solution provider and sell-side aspects of business.

Our portfolio consists of high-end, innovative and reliable digital solutions, carefully selected amongst the best. We are innovation explorers, sourcing innovative digital solutions for tomorrow’s business needs.

We provide solutions for :

  • A/B testing: method of comparing two versions of a webpage or app against each other to determine which one performs better. AB testing uses data & statistics to validate new design changes and improve your conversion rates.
  • Gamification: bring gaming to the checkout pages to increase the conversion rate.
  • Marketplace: become the digital leader on your market by creating your own marketplace.
  • Offshoring: relocate time-consuming business process. Product sheets: On the Internet, we purchase a product sheet, not a product. Facilitating data exchange between suppliers and distributors would allow each other to sell better.
  • Real-time negotiation: make the customer feel important in the sale process.
  • SEA : Optimizing campaigns on search engines, social networks and display.
  • Smart targeting: promote anything you want without annoying your customers.
  • Visual content marketing: create one to one relationships with your customers.