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Customer reviews affect 61% of online shoppers

By Dave Howard
  • What do consumers say about your products online?
  • How do reviews compare versus your competitors?
  • Is there one retailer which has inconsistent reviews?
  • Can you track reviews at a product, brand, category or retailer level?

Shoppers are influenced by positive and negative product reviews and ratings: 61 percent of customers read online reviews before making a purchase decision (E-consultancy).

The most trusted social media platform for product/service recommendation is Facebook, according to Social Media Link infographic, based on a recent study.

Some 54 percent of survey respondents use Facebook to share their product purchases.

A massive 93 percent cite “a positive experience with the brand”, and 79 percent say “receiving a free product or sample” inspires them to write a product review.

Poor customer experiences inspire sharing as well: 71 percent say “a negative experience with a brand” motivates them to write a review.

To find out more about the drivers of consumers’ product reviews and sharing, check out the infographic:


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