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The online fresh foods opportunity in Asia-Pacific

Ethan S. Sinick, Research Director for the Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council, Asia Pacific, presents a study examining why connected urban Asia Pacific region shoppers continue a disproportionate rate of purchasing fresh foods categories in stores….
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How do shoppers find your products online?

In the second excerpt from the Brand View Whitepaper, ‘Discoverability, Representation and Engagement: the foundation of ecommerce success’, Karen Pike, Global Ecommerce Performance Manager, discusses how shoppers find products online. In our experience, Discoverability is the…
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Ecommerce IS commerce

In the following extract from Brand View’s Ecommerce Excellence Study USA: CE & GM 2016, Ed Hecht, VP/Publisher, TWICE, discusses the growth and impact of ecommerce and mcommerce. Ecommerce is recognized for its ability to allow businesses…
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Ecomm Excellence Study USA 2016 cover