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Product images greatly affect brand integrity online

As online grocery and health and beauty shopping continues to grow in popularity and profitability, so do shoppers’ expectations. As discussed in our ecommerce whitepaper, shoppers expect to be presented with accurate, complete product information, and…
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Actionable ecommerce insights direct to your Inbox

Ecommerce monitoring and management across multiple brands, categories and retailers can be a minefield for local, regional and global teams to manage effectively. Some ecommerce analytics providers supply topline dashboards, which are great to present to…
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New Attribute Filtering in Brand View Positioning

We’re pleased to announce that attribute filtering functionality is now available for all Positioning reports, within the Report Editor. The new time-saving feature means that you can now quickly select category specific product attributes from…
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Online retail search and discovery doesn’t work

Today’s standard retail search and discovery experiences are falling further and further behind shopper expectations, primarily being driven by non-retail technology advancements. Take, for example, the next-generation semantic search capabilities used by Google, Apple and…
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