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Meet Brand View at GO eCommerce 2016

Israel had the highest percentage of online users purchase goods online in 2015, according to a study commissioned by eBay. No fewer than 95 percent of Israelis, who used computers at home or work, or…
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AmazonFresh UK launches in London

From today, Amazon Prime customers can order their groceries from the e-tailer’s website or mobile app and get it delivered on the same day. Brand View has compared a typical basket of 29 items including…
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Online shoppers can be lost in seconds

You’ve perfected your online Discoverability, Representation and Engagement. Sales are bound to follow right? Not if your website is slow and clunky they won’t. According to recent research from Imperva Incapsula, most online shoppers are…
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How competitive are your shipping costs?

Shipping costs and delivery options are key decision making factors for online shoppers. With so many possible delivery variations and associated shipping costs to choose from, retailers have to cater to an ever growing list…
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