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Beers, Wines and Spirits Price Increases

Brand View saw a large number of price increases within Tesco yesterday – with more products across the BWS category increasing in price in one day than over the last three months!

Number of products that have increased or decreased in price by day over the last three months

The driving factor for these price increases is a change in promotional activity – Price Reduction activity ending and Multibuy promotions beginning.

Other reasons we found for this change include …
Incorrectly Executed Promotions – a price has increased, but doesn’t correspond to the promotional text.
Promotion Ended – a promotion has ended, so the cost of the product has increased.
Lower DOC Promotions – a promotion has ended, and a new promotion has begun with a smaller depth of cut (i.e. not offering such a good deal).

Factors for BWS price increases within Tesco

In each case where there has been an increase in Tesco’s price, this has been related to a promotion. The majority of price increases are related to the switch of promotional mechanic – moving from Price Reduction to Multibuy promotions.

To learn more about the exact SKUs that have changed price, please contact your Brand View Account Manager.

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